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Changes and Teachers

Bindi and Kaya are sharing Tuesday and Thursday 6am!

Carissa find her powerful on Monday 6am and deep on Wednesday 7.15pm!

Class Types

There are many different types of yoga to practice, so it’s important to find out which type of yoga is right for you.
Here’s a quick introduction to help you find your way to a class you love.

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A flowing style of yoga which allows the body to move with the power of the inhale and exhale. Our creative teachers will blend elements of vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga and other more dynamic yoga practices within their expertise to bring you the ultimate in flowing yoga. An active and energising class. Prepare to move your body and build some heat.
An uplifting class where poses will vary from longer holds in asana, mindful sequences with moderate flow and stillness between poses for integration. An introduction of pranayama/breath work may be included. This class aims to bring balance to mind, body and soul. Conditioning and strengthening whilst creative and playful.
Yin Yang Balance blends the stillness and depth of Yin Yoga with more dynamic Yang practices, a beautiful fusion of movement and surrender.
A slow and deep style of Yoga where poses/asanas are held for longer periods of time, 5 minutes or more in most cases. Yin Yoga applies healthy stimulation to the fascia/connective tissue of the body and creates space in the skeletal system, encouraging the flow of Qi around the body, removing blockages and promoting organ health. Deeply healing and meditative.
A dynamic form of yoga that awakens awareness and a deep sense of connection. Each class incorporates physical yoga postures/asana with breath work, (pranayama), meditation, and chanting (mantra). In addition to strengthening the health and well-being of the physical body, it is very useful for emotional balance, mental clarity, stress relief, and personal transformation.
A grounding nurturing class that brings us into a space of innate listening and awareness. This class focuses on deep slow movements and stretching and long slow holds that encourage the body to release deeply. A blend of restorative practices, slow nurturing movements, meditative techniques, breath awareness and candlelight allows us to find a space of calmness, deep relaxation and profound therapeutic support. A perfect way to end a long day and assist us in dropping into slumber.

Teacher Profiles


Bindi Phillips

Bindi has had an affinity with Yoga for years, making it a personal practice when she was away working and also as a focus through her own personal growth studies and training as a Life Coach. When her two boys finally reached school age, Bindi decided to study Yoga seriously and has been training and learning ever since! Increasing her knowledge from massage, to Reiki allowing that knowledge to become a part of her Yoga classes.

Now as a teacher, Bindi’s passion on the mat derives from the connection and alignment to self, and how focused practice of yoga allows peace, tranquility and stillness in the chaos. She loves the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, and the strength and centredness it brings to herself and others. During each class, Bindi weaves a depth and connection that leaves you feeling nurtured, connected and alive within your body, mind and heart.

It is Bindi’s ‘bliss’ to share, teach and continue to study for life mastery through Yoga. Her classes are powerful, creative and fun with such rewarding attention to detail.

Brisbane's Best Yoga studio

Kaya Slater-Chisholm

Kaya has worked in the field of Health, Fitness and Well-being since 1997. Prior to her move to Australia in June 2011 she ran her own Holistic Health Solutions Business in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. She focused on helping people with Yoga, Energy Work, Physical Fitness and Nutrition.

Kaya’s approach is holistic in nature and she believes in the importance of equilibrium in one’s life to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. Her style is unique and she captures the hearts of many of her clients with her special ability to build strong and meaningful working relationships whilst achieving optimum results.

Kaya has been practicing Yoga for over 12 years. She has her Indian mother to thank for Yoga and Ayurveda being such a huge and significant part of her life. Kaya has spent time both travelling and studying Yoga in India. She undertook an extensive Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore, India. She returns often to attend further training and to meet with her mentors and teachers for further professional and spiritual development.

Kaya also studied Yoga in the UK and took courses to specialise in Prenatal and Post-natal both in India and here in Australia. Kaya has numerous skills and training in varied areas to pull together the wonderful umbrella of services she offers her clients. In the world of health and nutrition Kaya is a qualified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and mentor, Personal Trainer, Massage therapist and body worker, she also holds qualifications in Exercise Physiology and Injury Rehabilitation.

On a more spiritual level Kaya is an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher and works with various other healing modalities such as Guided and Intuitive Healings and work with crystals. Kaya is also a Registered Senior Level 3 teacher and recognised mentor with Yoga Australia.

Brisbane's Best Yoga studio

Gabriel Reese

In my Yoga classes, I increasingly utilise all of the training and understanding I have gained from the various movement and somatic modalities I’ve practiced and taught over the last 25 years. Contact improvisation & 5 rhythm dance, traditional Tantra & modern yoga systems, Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy, Brazilian Capoeira are all influencing what I can offer to students.

My ‘Yoga Teaching’ journey began in India through an intensive teacher training at one of the last remaining traditional Tantra yoga ashrams. Being taught a classical system of yoga handed down over many generations inspired me to teach and share the science of yoga.

I’m really passionate about Tantra yoga and utilising my knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to work with the energy body. The Doaist and Tantric understanding of our Body’s energy lines (nadis or meridans) and energy centres (chakras) are very aligned and I integrate both systems into my teaching. Yoga really is an ancient wisdom tradition that can bring us into an internal state of balance and wholeness, reconnecting us with who we truly are.

Jamie Tan

Jamie has been practicing yoga for ten years and has been immersed in studying it for almost five. Practicing yoga, mindfulness and self-awareness have been Jamie’s tool and portal of coming home to self. Having previously worked in the corporate arena of environmental management for almost a decade, yoga and bodywork were the main pathways in getting Jamie out of her head and into her body. They also helped heal decade’s worth of emotional suppression and stress from life’s circumstances. Naturally, emotional release facilitation has thus became Jamie’s area of specialty in her practice.

Jamie is passionate about creating a safe, nurturing space for deep personal transformation through self-nurture; to experience your healthiest, most sustainable life possible – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Jamie brings with her a weave of self-awareness building techniques including yoga therapy, meditation, ayurveda, transformational bodywork and psychosomatic therapy. Most of all, Jamie offers her own concoction of teachings from life experiences and learnings, transitions and silver linings.

In her spare time, Jamie enjoys connecting in with nature be it mother ocean or the magical hills in the hinterlands.

Jamie particularly enjoys practicing and teaching yin and kundalini yoga and invites you to join her in taking the time to connect with yourself, nurture your whole body-mind and most importantly, create the space and trust the process.

Helena Turner

Yoga has been and continues to be the vessel that has allowed Helena to transform her life from the inside out. Her mission is to provide space, practices and support for all people to allow transformation, to come closer to themselves, to step out of fear that is holding them back and to bring clarity and courage to experience the full potential of life.

Helena teaches Hatha based classes with a balance of gentle and strong creative sequences. She brings intuitive wisdom and philosophy to her classes weaved through movement, breath and meditation. Her focus is on practicing with devotion, intention and mindfulness – understanding and exploring why we practice and always maintaining our presence. She creates a space to journey through the sacred tradition of yoga, encouraging and supporting her students to find their own individual expression and creativity.

After spending the last 7 months in Costa Rica, immersed in the local yoga community Helena has grown and transformed as a student and teacher. Diving into yoga festivals and retreats, working with local yoga studios and community classes, women’s circles and devotional ceremonies she has been absolutely humbled by the immense power in the magical lands of Central America. This journey has further ignited her passion for connection to the natural world and inspired the renewed motivation to build a life of concious creation and community and bring this back to Australia. Helena has dedicated herself to the continued deepening of her own practice and studies. She is committed to sharing and spreading her love and appreciation of practice.

Rachel Niclair

Rachel’s love of Yoga began about 11 years ago.  After experiencing Yoga’s transformational effects in her life she felt inspired to share with others the clarity, peace of mind and connection to health she had found through the practice.
Rachel loved teaching the strong vinyasa she first studied but also found herself looking for practices that could bring balance and calm. Over time her interest in holistic and complimentary therapies grew as she embarked upon a journey of self discovery with an open mind and a desire for truth.
Delving into Vedic and Taoist philosophy, meditation, Qi gong and various natural healing modalities she found herself drawn to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy (BCST). With a strong focus on embodied awareness and allowing the bodies innate intelligence to lead the healing process, it resonated strongly with her.
Rachel now devotes her time to practising and teaching yoga as well as working as a Ayurvedic and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.  The wisdom and knowledge she derived from her trainings and experiences are infused within her Yoga teaching. Rachel’s aim for her yoga classes is to offer a safe space where students feel held and empowered to drop into a deep connection with themselves.

Kate’s yoga journey started in 2013.

Suffering for many years with depression, anger  and anxiety, the birth of her second child and the pre and post natal depression that accompanied the pregnancy, sent her searching for ways to not be a slave to her mind.
During that first class, her whole life made sense. A light, a knowing, a purpose lit up in her and she has been practising and studying yoga and healing modalities since. She knew 100% in her heart that this was her path, and that she would one day share her studies and experiences with others.
Her classes will take you on a deep inward journey and have said to be like a moving meditation. She creates a safe, nurturing and fun space for people to be less in the external world, and more in their internal world. People often leave her classes, feeling deeply connected, peaceful and grounded within themselves.
Kate’s transparency and authenticity creates a space people feel safe to accept all of themselves, exactly as they are. A space for them to just be.
Kate hopes to travel to the mother land ( India) one day soon, when motherhood allows, and deepen her connection to this ancient practice .


Mon: 6:00pm

Rebecca Crowther

Rebecca has been teaching yoga as her full time vocation since 2013 and began her practice in 2003. Her classes have been described by her students as coming from a place of deep understanding, passionate, authentic, quirky, unique, powerful and intuitive. Her initial formal study was conducted over 12 months in Australia, from there she went on to spend 5 months of intensive training in North India and her study is ongoing. Inspiration for her classes is drawn from a belief in the freedom of expression, the nature of the Indian deities and the polarity of the feminine and masculine energies. She has a soft spot for Shiva the destroyer of illusion, Mahakali the Goddess of time and death and heavy metal. You might find her free form dancing by herself and she also engages in strength training to complement her yoga practice. Rebecca teaches the yoga of Light and Dark, she loves the contrast and paradoxes of yoga and tantric philosophy.

Carissas dedication to Yoga started just over 5 years ago, instinctively she wanted to explore more about the history of Yoga and how it delicately ties into the physical, spiritual and mental body. She developed a strong, regular practice which then guided her over to India where she completed her teacher trainings.

Offering breath work centred classes that innately bring you back to your centre. Carissa creates an opportunity to invite a more Pranic (energetic) cleansing practice into your body while gently incorporating meditation and Asana.

Carissa will share techniques to not only purify the body but bring a sense of calm and ease to your daily lives. Expect a playful, yet mindful honest class leaving you feeling warm and open.