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Traditional Tantra Yoga Immersion with Gabriel Sol

Come and experience a 5-hour immersion into pure traditional Tantric systems and knowledge. This includes Tantric philosophy, a sophisticated and powerful yoga system, ancient meditation practices and a deeper understanding of the power of pranayama (breath work) and Bandhas (unlocking energy centres).

These Tantric systems are expertly designed to unblock and balance your fundamental energy system and bring you back to your original state of being.

Tantric philosophy is a timeless and clear understanding of this Universe and the reality you are experiencing.

Tantric practices are a sophisticated science to bring your body/being back into a more original state to experience this world as it truly is and to enable kundalini activation, the powerful Shakti/source power usually dormant in every human.

Experience an authentic traditional Kaula Tantra yoga sequence that has been handed down through generations of Kaula Tantra ācāryas (teachers) and is one of the oldest sequences still in existence. This is the original form and meaning of yoga as evidence suggests that Tantrics of the Natha lineage created the system that evolved into our modern yoga. This yoga is an ancient ‘slow form’ system using a beautiful integration of traditional yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breath work) and guided meditation. The system expertly balances your 5 energetic elements while bringing you into a deep ‘theta brainwave’ state to remap your unconscious patterns.

Gabriel Sol is a qualified teacher in this Traditional ‘Kaula’ Tantric system of Yoga, training in one of the last remaining traditional Tantra schools in India, where he was initiated in a traditional environment.

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$70 limited pre-bookings only. Spaces are limited to 24 people.
Special Offer for returning workshop students only $50!
For all enquiries and to book your spot please PM Bindi through Facebook or email: Bindi.yogabones@gmail.com


  1. GUIDED YOGA SEQUENCE: Pure Tantric form.
  2. PRANAYAMA: Practice & understanding of traditional Pranayama – breath work
  3. TANTRIC MEDITATIONS:From the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra
  4. BANDHAS: Unlocking your energy centres.
  5. PHILOSOPHY: A range of Tantric philosophy including:
    – History of Yoga & Tantra
    – Shiva/Shakti cosmology
    – Tantric energy systems – Kundalini, chakras, Nadis
    – Understanding the system of Tantric Yoga

TRI-DOSHA SEQUENCE: The sequence will be approximately 2.5 hours; however the use of pranayama (breath) and the movement in and out of relaxation poses (like shavasana) means the experience feels deeply relaxing and timeless, moving you into unconscious states that allow for energy re-balancing and re-mapping of the unconscious mind.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently experiencing any deep emotional or psychological issues please discuss with Gabriel before booking. Due to the breath work contained in the sequence it would be best to discuss your situation.


Gabriel’s journey in this tantric system of yoga began with an intensive traditional learning and initiation at Shri Kali Tantra Ashram in India. During this time he qualified as a Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher (certified 500 hours ‘Yoga Alliance’ Teacher Training). Gabriel has also practised a range of modern yoga systems over the last 15 years and completed Hatha Teacher Training with the Himalayan Yoga Institute (Rishikesh, India), intensive training with a second tantra lineage – Mahasiddha Yoga (Rishikesh, India) as well as teacher training in Zen Tai Yoga with Gwyn Williams (Bali).

His life-long exploration of movement and spirituality includes practicing as a Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist, 5 Rhythm Dance Therapy, Brazilian Capoeira, Korean Tae Kwon Do, and Energy Healing from Japanese lineages. Gabriel has been studying the nature of our existence for many years, as well as his focus on Tantra and Yoga, he holds a Master’s degree, focusing on common global values that are expanding human consciousness.

Gabriel’s Kaula Tantra teacher, Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha uniquely received this knowledge from two complimentary streams of Tantra. He was immersed in Tantric science by his grandparents who were right-hand tantrics (Dakṣiṇa Marga) and was also an initiated student of a traditional left-hand tantric (Vāma Marga) ācārya.

TESTIMONIALS from Gabriel’s previous Kaula Tantra Workshops

“I’ve been practicing yoga for so long and I can truly say that the connectedness, limitless and peacefulness was amazing. Not something that I have experienced in yoga practice up until then. A definite shift of openness and expansion towards all that is. It feels so magical…” Meaghan Gardner

“Thank you to Gabriel Sol for sharing this work & word handed down directly from his Guru in India… & thank you for reminding me of what ‘tantra’ really is… A word so widely misinterpreted nowadays.” Roshni Rebecca

“Gabe’s Traditional Tantra yoga workshop exceeded my expectations. My experience with the practice was one I have never felt before, it was delicious and deep, I felt incredibly relaxed, calm, no mental chatter after the workshop and for a few days after.” Marni Jersey Trucker Whatuira

“My chest/heart feels so open today. Thank you such a deep and healing practice.” Colin McMahon

“…still reverberating through my day today…Thank you for a great experience – shifted my yoga practice into a new space – Peace.” Seraya Young

“What a powerful healing I had. So much gratitude I know what it’s like to undo knots in the inside.” Dimuthu Dias

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for an absolute blessed out evening, and it’s followed me until today. I had a massive release afterwards when I got home, slept like a lump on a log, and had the most energetic productive day on Monday.” Juliana Maria

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