Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m Nicole Mathieson a kinesiologist and confidence coach based here in Brisbane. In my work, I focus on guiding people out of their noisy, negative heads and back into the loving, accepting arms of their big, beautiful hearts.

I teach heart consciousness; a way of experiencing the world centred on the vibration of life. Life, life force, the current that connects us to all of creation. When we drop into this consciousness we drop out of thinking and into feeling. We drop out of future and past obsessiveness and into this moment. Out of doing and into being. We drop out of vigilance and into “all is well”, soothing our system and opening to our own expansive nature.

Guiding people back to their hearts has become my life’s work. There is no greater joy for me than seeing people drop out of the judgement and criticism and finding their hearts and their unlimited source of self-belief.

How did you end up doing this work?
My own journey has taught me the true value of heart consciousness. As a mum, a wife and a creative soul, I struggled for many years with really believing in myself. I would cruise along in life trying to raise my vibration and be the very best version of myself, but whenever I attempted to express myself authentically or powerfully in the world, I always seemed to come up against the doubtful head voice telling me “You don’t know what you are doing” or “You are not good enough.”

I tried to appease this voice, tried to get everything so perfect that it would have no power over me, while at the same time stressing about what others thought of me, what I said, what qualifications I had and how it all looked to the world. I soon realised that this was a trap. My head was insatiable. No sooner had I gathered the requirements or the desired control for one feat, than it demanded more. There was just no appeasing this beast. It wanted more perfection – and that generally meant more selling of my soul and making those decisions that were just not in alignment with who I am.

It was subtle, and built up overtime, but at various points it has had the effect of;
a constant hum of anxiety
chronic back and neck pain
a sense of unworthiness
lack of self-belief
a negative, critical, noisy mind
an obsessive need for control
I found myself feeling small, squashed and joyless in my safe little life.

I always knew there was another voice. I could hear the faint murmurs of a part of me that loved who I was and trusted that all was well. So, over time and with the help of kinesiology and wise counsel, I started nurturing and energising this part. At first, it was so faint I could hardly hear it, but little by little it developed into a trusty voice full of love, acceptance and calm. I was finally listening to my heart.

These days I help my clients take the more direct path to tapping into this underlying sense that “all is well”. It is available to all of us, at all times, and when we drop into it, we access our connection to life, oneness and our highest potential. Something that is impossible from our heads.

What inspires me ?
Nature – it is a portal to the heart – when we drop into an appreciation of mother Earth we start to resonate in the vibration of our very own nature.

The courage of my clients – courage is a thing of the heart. It requires a dropping out of the logical and vigilant head and taking a step towards our essence. When my clients come and share their fears & shame with me, they no longer have to hide or control it. Courage leads us to freedom.

Yoga classes – Yoga changes my state. It reminds me to stop thinking and start feeling and being. It removes the blocks and connects me to my own expansive capacity. I often have a notepad next to my yoga mat to capture some of the inspiration.

Creative process – the artist in me does not always have a clear vision of what to create, but it is like anything – once you are active and creating, the opportunities for ideas, it all starts to flow.

What I love about Yoga Bones?
I have been doing yoga for over 25 years in all different forms, schools and styles and I have to say that, for me, Yoga Bones is one of the most special spaces I have encountered. It seems that Kaya has the golden touch for choosing her teachers, as every class I have tried to date has taken me deeper. Yoga is great for our bodies, but what I love even more, is the inner journey. And Yoga Bones has the magic to bring the 2 together.
My favourite class at the moment is Sirgun’s Wednesday morning Kundalini class. I come out of her classes a different person in all the right ways.

How can people stay in touch?

I am running a meditation workshop “get out of your crazy head” at Yoga Bones on Sunday evening, 17th July you can buy tickets here
or for more info email Nicole

You can check out my kinesiology and confidence coaching services and sign up to receive my newsletters here I do love Instagram. Follow my visual journey back to the heart here

Take care